Unearthen intuitively selects crystals that help focus on the goals you struggle to achieve, center your thoughts on what you need, provide comfort in times of strain, or simply remind you of why you are here. The bullet casing balances and harmonizes to the crystal it holds, because destruction is a necessary phase in the cycle of creation. Each crystal carries its own distinct properties. A crystal's energy engages its carrier to maintain consciousness of the stone's specific properties. The stone with the right properties will inherently attract you, and your connection with the crystal is intrinsic. Please choose your Unearthen piece with care.
In Store Now
All pieces are one of a kind...

Amethyst - The New Leaf
Inspires transformation of old habits 

Quartz - The Mental Massage
A stone of power and an all-purpose healing tool

Topaz - The Accomplished
The stone for success in all endeavors
as well as the stone of true love

Aqua Aura Quartz - The Pure Healer
All-purpose healing tool

Black Tourmaline - The Purifier
Repels and protects against negativity

All necklaces are beautifully packaged in
a wooden box with viewing window
and California native foliage.

Gia Bahm, creator of Unearthen, selects the crystals and bullets according to the histories, qualities, and sizes of the materials. She is a collector, an aestheticist, a creator, and a destructor… much like all of us who are constantly perplexed by the forces of nature and humankind. She lives and works in New York City, balancing her life between wardrobe styling and jewelry design, between summer nights in the woods and winter days on the streets.

Large oxidised sterling silver prism ring
with clear quartz

Small oxidised sterling silver prism ring
with clear quartz
Also available in 14k gold plating

Large 14K gold plated prism ring with clear quartz
All prism rings available with black onyx


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