Sruli Recht

The second chapter of "Field Dressing" by Sruli Recht 
has landed at FALLOW.

Rare skins, horsehair, and wings combine to create a collection that is
"tailored, pulsing, and visceral".

V Neck Sweater
...knitted from a single ply cotton and single ply wool yarn 
from the Icelandic Sheep

Floor Length Cardigan
...draped on a man named Stefan in Reykjavik
in store now at Fallow


Deadly Ponies

Our selection of Deadly Ponies 'High Summer' collection 
has just landed in store at FALLOW.

Mr Croc Chain, only available in Black

Mr Mini Wallet Croc

Mr Croc Purse,only available in Black

Mr Croc Pouch

Mr Lute Messenger, only available in Black

Mr Wallet Croc, only available in Black

The latest from Deadly Ponies is available in store at FALLOW now.