Silent by Damir Doma

SILENT is the casual collection for men and women created by the Parisian avant-garde label Damir Doma.  

Renouncing decorative elements, the designs centre on pure, soft shapes and fluid volumes retaining the fabric’s raw form. SILENT was first presented in October 2009 alongside the womens ready-to-wear collections in Paris. The range offers beautifully finished mens and womens styles in jersey, knits and woven fabrics - as well as leather outerwear, shoes, and accessories crafted from carefully selected materials.

"Silent is the state we are in when we are freed of thoughts, of noise or of any other distraction. It is in silence that we can clear our minds and focus on details that would otherwise be overseen. Confronted with a world that becomes more noisy every day, we can close our eyes and hear the music behind the roaring sound of a city -the enduring play of silence and sound. For it is when we are silent, that we can truly admire and embrace the essence of something. We are left in state of purity and peacefulness, open to embrace the surrounding.”

Damir Doma


Paint it Black...







                                      Hotel La Maison des Champs Elysees


The hotel 'Maison Champs-Elysées' commissioned Maison Martin Margiela to redesign, redecorate and reconcieve the hotel.

The result is an atypical ambience of different harmonies that coalesce into something new, innovating and simply cool.       


                                          We want to sleep over.......


the beauty of leather

Deadly Ponies represents the creative world of fashion designer Liam Bowden. With a passion for sculptural arts, crafts and tactile design, Liam continues to grow the world in which Deadly Ponies lives.

From the moody well of forgotten childhood, DP’s vision integrates a world of mishmash thoughts and ideas drawing inspiration from the world of the enchanted forest.

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gone hunting.....



We've been reflecting a lot lately on the people that have influenced the growth of Fallow since our beginnings in 2008... The following people have become our most loyal customers and dearest friends over the years, and continously inspire us to offer something different each season.


We thought you deserved to know a little bit about them too...


I am inspired by… a bunch of things. Most often by visual artists and travelling.

My fashion sense comes from… picturing a style, then developing it.

My last fashion indulgence was… a few pieces from the Milieu collection by Song for the Mute. Couldn't resist, awesome collection.
Gary & Dean
Style icon?

Gary: Rei Kawakubo - Amazing Japanese vision of turning fabric into style through mending, blending, and gender-bending.

Dean: I am always fascinated by David Hockney... and also Kate Bush and Chloe Sevigny stand out in my mind.

The Best thing about what I do is?
Gary: Working with people with passion and commitment, plus meeting all types of people who reaffirm that through quiet honesty and kindness plus application of my training, you can make profound differences in their lives.

Dean: Harnessing a creative impulse to help others communicate something.

I've got too many?
Gary: Commitments

Dean: T-shirts/thoughts in my head at any one time.

Gary & Sally
(Answers by Gary)
My style icon is… In clothing, I love Damir Doma for Silent, Ben Politt's designs for Friedrich Gray and also Claude Maus's pieces. As all round fasion icon people, I would have to say Cary Grant... Sophisticated, well dressed, well spoken, funny and good looking. and Vivienne Westwood. - ever since the punk days, she has been original and great, doesn't take herself too seriously and will publish a really bad photo of herself. There are only one of these people ever.  Also, Isabella Rossellini and Angelica Houston....... both just keep getting better and better with age and are both incredibly stylish women..... must be the family stables they come from!

Lately I am listening to…A real mixture... Patti Smith, The Smiths, Al Jarreau, Al Green Wild Beasts, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Immelda May....even a bit of Earth Wind and Fire...all mixed together with early Blondie!

My latest wardrobe addition is... two great pairs of pants, one from Song for the Mute by Lyna Ty and Melvin Tanaya and the other pair from Silent by Damir Doma, all great designers...
I get inspiration from... Looking at blogs and coming into Fallow. Finding something that suits my personality.

My most treasured piece is… a Friedrich Grey Jacket from a couple of years ago. My first discovery at Fallow....thanks Lisa!

Right now I am wearing… a Claude Maus Knit and some comfortable Harem Pants. Sooooo Cold.


My latest wardrobe addition is… just recently purchased an Edwin Varsity jacket for winter with suede sleeves. Also purchased a Dr Denim Caramel Pea Coat for the colder days.
My most treasured piece… would be my beanies hahaha no. It would have to be my Claude Maus hooded leather jacket.
Right now I’m listening to…I've been listen to alot of Post Hardcore but these bands would be my favourties at the moment.Touche Amore, Title Fight, Pianos Become The Teeth, Defeater, and La Dispute.

Also I have been listening to a lot if instrumental music... anything by Mogwai or Explosions In The Sky. So good to relax and fall asleep to.

My style icon is menswear designer Hedi Slimane.

Lately I am listening to the band Arcade Fire.

My most treasured piece would have to be my Rick Owens leather jacket.


I get inspiration from... people who surround me - bloggers, friends, designers and people on the street. I see something I like, then try to make it my own.

My most treasured piece is… my Alexander Wang Rocco Bag

I’ve got too many... black clothes and wardrobe wants.
My latest wardrobe addition is... My Claude Maus jacket, Beau Coops Boots, Politix Scarf, and Chronicles of Never sunglasses.
My style icon is... Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn.  But I also love Carine Roitfeld, Charlotte Rampling, Cate Blanchett, and Tilda Swinton.
Right now I'm wearing... An AJE leather jacket, Pamela Love jewellery, Gary Bigeni knit, and Beau Coops boots.
I plan to travel to… Europe, or Japan this time next year- I'm still arguing with my girlfriend about that (hopefully Europe)

Lately I am listening to… Childish Gambino and The Cure

My latest wardrobe addition is… Song for the Mute leather scarf, and Andrew Mcdonald Shoes which arrived at my door yesterday.
I am currently inspired by…..nature

In the future I plan to travel to… NEW YORK

My specialty is..…dreaming
My friends would buy me... a gift voucher, I'm too hard to buy for.

My latest wardrobe addition is... A Song for the Mute grey marle twisted button-up jacket.

I get inspiration from...everything I see around me, everything and everyone is inspirational.
I am currently... battling to keep a email/life balance

My secret indulgence is... wearing brand new socks

Nobody knows... when I'm in the car alone, I sing at the top of my lungs

My favourite label at the moment is... Chronicles of Never, especially Gareth Moody's "hero pieces".

I’m working on... making it to the end of the week without spending my pay cheque.

My friends would buy me a... pair of Damir Doma boots from his latest collection. (If you're reading this my birthday is in November, just saying).
My favourite label at the moment is… probably Song for the Mute right now. Their latest collection was amazing. My other favourite labels that I love are Chronicles of Never and Silent.
My friends would buy me a… my friends will usually ask me what I want before buying me anything, I'm particularly hard to buy for. But otherwise Beatles memorabilia or anything to do with 50s, 60s music is a safe bet.

Lately I am listening to… As I said in the last question I'm a huge fan of 50's and 60's music. Artists like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and 70's punk bands like The Stooges and The Clash are definitely up there for me. I don't usually enjoy current day music but I love Radiohead also. I could list so many bands there wouldn't be any room left, but a few of my favourite songs include Come Together - The Beatles, Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd, Imagine - John Lennon, Search and Destroy - Iggy and the Stooges and Idioteque - Radiohead.
Your influences in design… are Ann Demeulemeester, Damir Doma, Rick Owens, Rad Hourani, Odyn Vovk and Song For The Mute.

The last place I visited… was Brisbane Powerhouse, the band 'Inland Sea' have a residency there every friday night at 6pm during July. Bliss.

I am…. looking forward to my friends from 'Inland Sea' releasing thier new album that they are recording. Thier previous EP 'Traitor' is on iTunes and can be picked up at JB Hi-Fi.