The Beauty of Imperfection..

Norman Cavazzana photography is a creative duo consisting of photographer Morgan Norman and creative director Marco Cavazzana. The duo is one of the latest and hottest talents to collaborate creatively within the photographic industry. We wanted to share these beautiful images with you...

The NC W.A.R W11 series is a unique 12 piece jewelry collection that features beautifully hand-crafted silver rings and brooches.With the use of black sapphires, white sapphires and rubies they create a sense of individuality and raw elegance.This collection reflects the beauty of imperfection, balancing the fine and the raw.The duo's jewelry brand NC W.A.R reflects the unremittable darkness that lies in the hearts of all Scandinavians,an unpolished beauty that has been forged from the raw materials of Nordic tundra.

Each design in the collection has been created in collaboration with two leading Swedish craftsmen, Jenny Edlund & Tobias Andersson.Jenny Edlund's incredible style of workmanship is unique and is the epitome of raw. Tobias Andersson is a master craftsman in the realm of skull rings, his unique twist to the traditional skull ring has lead to an avid following of celebrities such as Madonna and film director Jonas Ã…kerlund.

The Stockholm / New York based duo is conceptualizing, experimenting and creating new ways to communicate by challenging the authenticity of reality, and by doing so creating a unique form of expression for the commercial and art realm.

Morgan Norman is a fashion and advertising photographer with professional experience internationally. Morgan’s main focus is on digital photography, modern techniques and unique compositions, with a high interest in the artistic aspect of the medium.

Marco Cavazzana is a creative director specializing in a multitude of digital art forms. The Venetian born artist has been featured in numerous modern art & design books and has worked on worldwide advertising campaigns. Raised and educated in Australia, his background in IT engineering / Media helped fuse his technological bond with his artistic expression. In early 2007, he approached photographer Morgan Norman and shortly after they formed the creative photography firm Norman Cavazzana.

Next season, Fallow will be presenting a new collection exclusive to us in Brisbane by Swedish label Obscur.

The following short film was created by Norman Cavazzana...

If you wish to be contacted for a viewing of our selection before we present the collection in store please email us at obscur@fallow.com.au


Carly Hunter

Our second delivery of Carly Hunter has arrived for Spring, and there is a piece to suit any occasion.  Carly is a Melbourne based designer, originally hailing from Perth.  Her design aesthetic draws on geometric shapes, simple clean lines, and differing degrees of transparency.  

Take a closer look below.

Heliophobia T-shirt - Available in Black

UV Dress - Available in Mink

Drape Skirt - Available in Black

Slashed Pant - Available in Black

Long Snake Dress - Available in Black

Carly Hunter is available exclusively in Queensland at FALLOW and Bessie Head!

In store now...



John Derian NYC

Hermin Melville first published the story of Moby Dick in 1851.  It is now regarded as one of the greatest novels in American history, and a treasure of world literature.  The story tells the adventure of the wandering sailor Ishmael, and his journey to seek out the ferocious, enigmatic white sperm whale, Moby Dick. 

"Call me Ishmael" Moby Dick begins, in one of the most recognisable opening lines in Western literature...

Today at FALLOW, we received our seasonal delivery of John Derian plates from NYC.  This season whales feature heavily in our selection, as well as other motifs of folklore.  See for yourself below...

Sperm Whale Tray - 7 inches by 16

Whale Tray - 10 inches by 16

Spouting Whale Pencil Tray - 6 inches by 12

Deer Man Tiny Tray - 3.5 inches by 5

Ram Man Tiny Tray - 3.5 inches by 5

Skeleton Leaning Plate - 9 inches by 14

Skeleton in Field - 9 inches by 14

Skeleton with Shovel - 9 inches by 14

Devil's Toboggan Letter Tray

Available now...



The Eleventh Hour

In store now at FALLOW is "Melt" by The Eleventh Hour.

Spectrum Bra Top
“A glacier forms over many decades, as a persistent accumulation of snow and sleet slowly compresses and crystalises into ice. The graceful smooth crevasses, cirques and moraines create startling shapes in cool soft pale shades.”  

Moulin Cut Out Jacket

The natural phenomenon of Glaciers, and in particular New Zealand’s stunning Franz Josef Glacier were the inspiration behind The Eleventh Hour’s latest offering for Spring Summer 11/12, Melt.
Glacier Twist Back Dress
A colour palette of ivory, dusk, stone and black forms a collection that is fluid, sharp and graceful. Cut out detailing, pleats, panelling and draped hems represent icy glacier crevasses and caves.
Spectrum Dress
Signature to The Eleventh Hour is the use of silk; silk georgette, silk crepe and a silk cotton blend which are expertly sliced and layered with the softest tencel, cotton voile and jerseys.

Crystalise Batwing Top in Black

Loose summer blazers, pleated georgette tanks, sleek silk dresses and high waisted tencel shorts are soft in colour yet polished and meticulous in their cut and finish. A pair of tapered tencel pants in a clean, watery blue and a structured stretch panel dress with large waved pleats are stand out pieces.

Melt is a strong second collection for The Eleventh Hour, and a continuation of a faultless balance between functionality and femininity that results in timeless, forward and practical clothing.
If you would like to be contacted upon arrival, email us at info@fallow.com.au



Christopher Brosius of CB I HATE PERFUME felt passionate enough about the lack of inspiring perfumes that he dedicated his career to creating scents that are truly unique.

CB I HATE PERFUME is a Brooklyn based perfumery that has been operating since 1992.
Christopher’s perfumes are created to be an “Experience” rather than a simple accessory .

The smoke of burning maple leaves - pure & simple.

The Story...
Do you know what a leaf fort is? It's simply a huge pile of fallen leaves carefully raked up, on top of which a group of children sit defending the pile against another group. Battle is joined by gathering up armfuls of said leaves & pelting the opposing party until all concerned are worn out, have twigs in their hair, crumbled bits in their socks & underwear and all the leaves are once again thoroughly spread over the lawn where they belong in the first place. Obviously this was great fun & every autumn when I was small this is just what my cousins and I did.

Sadly there came a day when raking leaves was no longer anticipated with delight - that's the day when I was TOLD to rake them. Suddenly it was a chore!

Still there was something after the raking was over to look forward too - burning the leaves with my father. I loved watching them crinkle up in the flames while the smoke swirled up my nose and made me sneeze.

Now in the fall I sometimes gather a handful of maple leaves and burn them in the fireplace just to remember...


Smoke represents perhaps the most important aspect of perfume – its beginning. Even its modern name is derived from an antique term that means “to smoke through".

Fire From Heaven is blended from classic ancient incenses: Frankincense, Myrrh, Opopanax, Cedar, Sandalwood, Styrax & Labdanum. But the perfume's scent is subtle. Fire From Heaven is the memory of smoke...

A fresh clean scent composed of Rain Drops, Leaf Buds, Wet Twigs, Tree Sap, Bark, Mossy Earth and the faintest hint of Spring.  This perfume is inspired by one of my favorite poems, Black March by Stevie Smith. It begins: I have a friend at the end of the world. His name is a breath of fresh air.

The poem ends:

But whatever
new names I give him
he is still an old friend
he says
Whatever names
you give me
I am a breath of fresh air
a change for you

I have thought about a perfume that reflects this poem for years. Now, it is finished. Both the poem and my perfume contain a secret that you must discover for yourself and that's the Metamorphosis of Black March.

Arriving soon at FALLOW...

To be contacted upon arrival, simply email info@fallow.com.au

Rachel Comey

Rachel launched her first line of menswear in 2001 - having previously worked at Theory - In 2002 David Bowie wore one of her shirts on Letterman and Barneys took notice. Shoes came years later, but have gained infamy for their well-crafted, left-of-centre design - not often seen in a market saturated with mass-produced knock-offs. 

Our latest delivery of Rachel Comey has polarized our ever-growing selection of men's shoes with acidic greens and blue suede tongues. There is no longer an excuse to be wearing bland footwear.