Style Zeitgeist is a bi-annual fashion and culture magazine that explores the way 
fashion interacts with other creative disciplines.

Now in its third issue, the magazine already counts Ann Demeulemeester, Valerie Steele, and Rick Owens among the names they have interviewed.

We thoroughly recommend you find your own copy now. Read more here.  

The magazine is available from the GOMA bookstore in Brisbane now.



Paris Showroom Song For The Mute

Silent Damir Doma Spring Summer 2013 Mens




Jokesia Jacket 
Philox Pant

 Kiren Sweat

 Payotl Pant

 Kant Cardigan
Poa Pant

Silvan Shirt

Tetro Patchwork Tee

Jaron Jeans Jacket

Thujades Blizzard Print Tee

Available February at Fallow

Silent Damir Doma Sring Summer 2013 Footwear

 Sila Sandal

Satur Sneaker

Silent Damir Doma Spring Summer 2013 Womens

Dockna Tank Dress
Wespa Wrap Waistcoat

 Juni Hooded Jacket

 Selco Pleated Top

 Thevetia Tee

Trackel Longsleeve
Purshja Pant

 Dean Waistcoat Dress

Berko Tote

Available February at FALLOW


Bence Bakonyi

Dignity Series is a collection of striking images by photographer Bence Bakonyi

Each image is comprised of sparse landscapes, bleeding black holes, and emotive textures.  

I cannot escape from the fact that I struggle with myself,
It has always been a difficult question for me: do I know him?

 Who is he anyway? It's so alluring, sometimes as if the
will of the body would want to swallow me, leaving my thoughts behind, but then comes the soul to pull me back. It's an eternal battle and a game.

 Like the gravitational pull of a black hole, when it touches you, something new is born, as if I'm not me anymore, somewhere else, in an unknown place.

See more of Bence's work here.



Song For The Mute 
Autumn Winter 13 Collection Preview