Fleet Ilya

Fleet Ilya was originally founded as a brand of luxury handmade restraint objects by the Russian born Ilya Fleet, who trained in traditional saddle making. The Boundries between fashion and bondage became blurred when Resha Sharma, a Central St.Martins design gruduate joined Ilya as his creative partner and wife shortly afterwards.

All of the handcrafted pieces in the range reflect Ilya's traditional craftmanship and fetish origins, combied with Resha's fashion knowledge, giving them a dark elegance. Under the influence of two creative minds and with a spirit of true independence, the label has grown into one of the most celebrated accessory labels coming out of London.

The attention to detail is superb, and all pieces are hand made in England.

Mini Harnessed Rucksack

Medium Harnessed Bag

Harnessed Clutch

Flat Clutch

Large Box Bag




Vim Beget

'The means by which you create is of equal importance
as the final result...'

Vim Beget design and make jewellery and accessories completely by hand starting with raw, fundamental materials. 

Necklaces start as wire on a spool and are hand-woven one ring at a time. Each ring is separately hand woven into a strand of a chain. Leather goods are cut, hand braided, dyed and sewn completely in house.

'We believe in the process and that the process is what makes the end result good or bad. We also believe that while quality is a trait that should be aimed for, perfection is a boring, dirty word.'

Vim Beget is available exclusively in Australia at Fallow