Significant form

View from the Window at Le Gras (1826)

Long before colour saturated television, film, photography, and newspaper - life was polarized in black, white, and varying shades of grey.  In 1825, Nicéphore Niépce produced the first known photograph.  Ever since, photography has proven itself one of the most powerful forms of media with its ability to construct reality and alter perception. 

As you might expect, we believe the most beautiful photographs are captured in black, white and grey. 




Bloch - Maker of fine dance shoes.  Based in Sydney.

3 New styles in-store now...

Fox Trot - In Black

Concerto - In Black

Lucy - In Black

Behold the beauty of Isadora Duncan.  Considered by many to be the creator of Modern Dance.  Isadora tragically died in a freak automobile accident in Nice, France. 

Her love of long scarves became her demise.  Her long silk scarf while draped around her neck became entagled in the open spoke of the car's wheel - snapping her neck. 

The famous poet and writer Carl Sandburg in his poem Isadora Duncan: wrote: "The wind? I am the wind. The sea and the moon? I am the sea and the moon. Tears, pain, love, bird-flights? I am all of them. I dance what I am. Sin, prayer, flight, the light that never was on land or sea? I dance what I am."



All new arrivals from New Zealand label, Nyne.

Quartz Top (Available in Black) and Cable Collar (Available in Black and Charcoal)

Crop Gloves (Available in Black and Charcoal)

Diode Dress (Available in Black) and Knot Scarf (Available in Black, Charcoal, Grey and Oatmeal)

Signal Dress (Available in Black and Cream)

Spectrum Dress

Static Top

We have also recieved a range of wallets, clutches, and belts. 



Beau Coops

All new mens and women's shoes have arrived from Beau Coops:

Gloucester in Black

Normandy in Black

Annie 2 in Black



Ghoul, 'Dunks'.

Milkily, Dreambeat, Good Loops, The Slip, Facepaint, 3 Mark and Ouija make up the second mini-LP from GHOUL in 3 years.  Well worth a listen.



Deadly Ponies

Our latest delivery of Deadly Ponies from New Zealand has arrived...

Mr Bone Mailman - Available in Chocolate/Black and Plain Black

Mr Fill n Wrap - Available in Black 

Mr Wallet Fur - Available in Black & Fawn

Mr Mini Wallet Fur - Available in Black & Fawn

Mr Mohawk Box in Black

Mr Mohawk Clutch - Available in Concrete

Mr Mohawk Sling - Available in Black

Mr Sleepover - Available in Chocolate/Black



Ellery et Graz

IN-STORE NOW... Ellery and Graz collaboration sunglasses.  Available in:


Dark Crystal




Rachel Comey

A new addition to FALLOW this season is a range of men's footwear by New York label, Rachel Comey.  In the coming days we will be receiving four distinct styles perfect for any season...





If you would like to be contacted upon arrival please email with the subject line "Rachel Comey".



The Crush

The first delivery from Therese Rawsthornes new fall collection will be arriving any day now, here's a taste of things to come....

We have recieved the Curve Pant in Black, Gather Pocket Leather Skirt, Teardrop Print Silk Top, Zig Zag Shirt Dress in Black...




Maripossa by designer Lauren Besser is the exciting new jewellery label to arrive at Fallow this week.

Designs reinforce the concept of opposition using  sterling silver and natural crystal embellishments fused together with fine mixed-metal chain hand-woven into intricate artisan pieces. Each piece is designed and made by hand in Australia. 

Lauren was recently the worthy recipient of the Young Designer Award for Accessories at Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week- PREMIUM Exhibition.