The Pamela Love Talon Cuff... As seen on Jak&Jil
Available in 14k Gold Plated Bronze, and Silver




Cancerian V-Neck Peplum Top 

Orchid Georgette Sheer Cob Webbed Singlet Dress
(Also available in Black)

L-Igo A-Line Sheer Cob Webbed Singlet

Friedrich Gray:

Contrast/Divide Dress (Front and Back)

Trifold Dress

Fraction Black Dress with Leather Sleeves

Short Steel Dress - This dress molds to the body beautifully and has a lustrous metallic surface.

Short Steel Dress in White

Friedrich Gray Men's:

Droopy Pocket Shirt - Available in White (Above) and Black (Below) 

Wide Singlet in Black

White One Screen Three Tee - Front of Tee (Above) and the back (below)

Angle Pocket Shirt in Black

Duster Shirt in Black


Beau Coops

Men's Lace Up - Available in Black and White


Chronicles of Never SS10/11 collection, "Into the Voided" has just arrived in-store.

Fractured Vastus - Dark Grey

Into the Voided Singlet - Khaki on Light Olive

Into the Void T - Moss on Cream

Into the Voided T - Black on Khaki

Into the Void Scarf and Singlet - Moss on Cream

Haruspex Singlet - Natural

Haruspex Singlet - Light Grey

Into the Voided Singlet - Black on Bone

Circumference of a Circle Shirt - Black

Into the Voided T - Black on Bone

Carbon/Colbalt - Grey

The Ism Short - Post/Black

Cubism Short - Black Rinse



Van Der Glas

All works are handmade in Melbourne, with sterling silver, human hair and human teeth. Human teeth are locally donated and sterilised, and human hair is either locally donated or sourced from India and China.

To see what has arrived in-store, head to Fallow Curiosities.



Made Her Think

Our first delivery of Made Her Think jewellery has just landed from New York. To see in detail what has arrived - head to Fallow Curiosities...


Pamela Love

New Season delivery in-store now... To see what has arrived, head to Fallow Curiosities.