Founded in 1987, m0851 is a Canadian design house specializing in the conception, manufacture, marketing and retailing of an impressive collection of leather outerwear, bags and accessories.

Simplicity in design, utilitarian purity, refined details and impeccable quality are the characteristics that set m0851 apart from its competition. m0851's goal is to accessorize your identity rather than define it. We shun fleeting trends in favour of practicality . . . creating timeless pieces to last a lifetime.

Medium Postman - Available in Dark Grey and Khaki.  This style is also available in a large, in Dark Brown.

m0851 creates and produces its entire collection in Montréal. Nowadays, while so many other companies have moved their production facilities to foreign lands, m0851 not only bucks this trend but considers doing so an essential part of its approach to business: By maintaining direct, hands-on control over every stage of production, m0851 is able to guarantee merchandise of the highest quality to its customers...

Safari Computer Bag - Available in Dark Brown

The entire manufacturing process takes place in-house at m0851's highly reputed leather workshop, allowing for superior quality control. Their products evolve as new materials and procedures are implemented; and every product is thoroughly tested by m0851 staff before being released to market. Special consideration is taken in selecting all accents, from zippers to sliders, in order to guarantee the exceptional quality of each product. In a word, their exacting standards are visible down to the smallest details.

Safari Essential Bag - Available in Dark Brown and Dark Grey

With creativity and art in every crafted product, m0851's design philosophy has always been based on aestheticism balanced with functionality. All m0851 bags aim to enhance your personal style. Our goal is to accessorize your identity - not create it, because they believe you've already done that.

Safari Luggage Bag - Available in Dark Brown and Dark Grey

Small Backpack - Available in Dark Brown

Small Postman Bag - Available in Khaki and Dark Brown

All in store now...


Unearthen intuitively selects crystals that help focus on the goals you struggle to achieve, center your thoughts on what you need, provide comfort in times of strain, or simply remind you of why you are here. The bullet casing balances and harmonizes to the crystal it holds, because destruction is a necessary phase in the cycle of creation. Each crystal carries its own distinct properties. A crystal's energy engages its carrier to maintain consciousness of the stone's specific properties. The stone with the right properties will inherently attract you, and your connection with the crystal is intrinsic. Please choose your Unearthen piece with care.
In Store Now
All pieces are one of a kind...

Amethyst - The New Leaf
Inspires transformation of old habits 

Quartz - The Mental Massage
A stone of power and an all-purpose healing tool

Topaz - The Accomplished
The stone for success in all endeavors
as well as the stone of true love

Aqua Aura Quartz - The Pure Healer
All-purpose healing tool

Black Tourmaline - The Purifier
Repels and protects against negativity

All necklaces are beautifully packaged in
a wooden box with viewing window
and California native foliage.

Gia Bahm, creator of Unearthen, selects the crystals and bullets according to the histories, qualities, and sizes of the materials. She is a collector, an aestheticist, a creator, and a destructor… much like all of us who are constantly perplexed by the forces of nature and humankind. She lives and works in New York City, balancing her life between wardrobe styling and jewelry design, between summer nights in the woods and winter days on the streets.

Large oxidised sterling silver prism ring
with clear quartz

Small oxidised sterling silver prism ring
with clear quartz
Also available in 14k gold plating

Large 14K gold plated prism ring with clear quartz
All prism rings available with black onyx



Natural Selection

The Natural Selection Denim collection is inspired by the uniforms of men working on the railroad, from officers to labourers. Hailing from London's Shoreditch, Natural Selection Denim is the result of the hands of a craftsman, the eye of a designer, and the heart of an artist, Paul Young.

With features such as high quality Japanese denim interwoven with Zimbabwean cotton, the attention to detail is truly outstanding. One of the brands sources of inspiration is to embrace the heritage that denim and work wear has. These references are present in details such as the hidden rivets, top centre button stitch and the selvedge fabrics woven traditionally by hand. 

Three main symbols in the leather patch sybolize the craftsmanship behind their work....

The Penny Farthing - a great contribution to the industrial revolution that influenced the work wear design element of the brand.
The Pheasant - a British bird, with distinctive colouring & intricate patterned feather detail that represents the detail, innovation & fabric selections so important to the brand.

The Ornate Floral design - This can be found engraved on the side of a shotgun barrel handmade in England.

Natural Evolution.
The idea the guys wanted to portray in the name of the brand was to suggest the evolution process - referencing the evolution of denim as a fabric, from a raw/ dry indigo, right through to an aged/ damaged finish- whether naturally by the user or artificially by hand - it is an evolutionary process.

Natural Selection.
The brand is based in the UK but uses Japanese Denim from the Okayama region and an Italian Denim Mill in the production process.The guys have a studio and showroom in Shoreditch London. This is where the entire process happens from research and planning, development and production then to sales. They are a small family and have a hands on approach at every stage of the process- a little like us here at Fallow...

 Available now at Fallow...


Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize - Anndra Neen

Anndra Neen is the winner of the 2011 Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize

The label received USD $40,000 from Dorchester Collection as well as the opportunity to display their work at Dorchester Collection’s iconic Hôtel Plaza Athénée during Paris Fashion Week in 2012.

After a tense deliberation period, the judges agreed that the collection displayed by Anndra Neen best evoked the spirit of individuality, luxury, style and craftsmanship, which characterizes Dorchester Collection’s iconic hotels. Their work also demonstrated critical distinction and the potential for future commercial success.

“Being there at the beginning of people’s careers to help support them is something I truly enjoy and Anndra Neen displayed a multi-cultural talent of mixing art with fashion, which is timely. They are two empowered women who have created a family business and have a real depth of talent,” said Elizabeth Saltzman, judge of Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize. “Dorchester Collection has created a Fashion Prize that provides a strong foundation for upcoming designers to build their brand on.”

"While the judges agreed that Anndra Neen's brand will thrive in the near future, the one-of-a- kind artisanal quality of their hand-crafted jewelry and accessories beautifully reflects the originality and spirit of bespoke craftsmanship which defines Dorchester Collection hotels," said Bronwyn Cosgrave, chairperson of Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize.

“The talent for this year’s shortlisted designers was extraordinary, and to have won is an honor. This, combined with the prestige of Dorchester Collection and recognition from judges who we admire, is overwhelming. The Fashion Prize and this type of exposure will help take our company to the next level,” said Phoebe and Annette Stephens of Anndra Neen.

Fallow is proud to present the jewelry and accessories brand Anndra Neen established by siblings Phoebe and Annette Stephens in 2009. The inspiration of the hand-crafted, original pieces they conceive from mixed metals are diverse and informed by the childhood they spent in Mexico surrounded by art and legendary artists. The Stephens sisters make their jewelry in a workshop in their native Mexico City.

Their grandfather, Louis Stephens, was a textile producer in New York who met and eventually married a muralist named Annette Nancarrow, settling in Mexico, though he also had connections to Martha’s Vineyard and Manhattan. Phoebe, 32, and Annette, 28, have different mothers, but as the two girls among five siblings, they were close. They went to college in the Boston area and then worked in New York, Annette as a fledgling actress and Phoebe in television and public relations. A trip to Japan caused them to change course. It wasn’t one thing, Annette said, but the Japanese respect for crafts impressed them. They immediately flew to Mexico City and met with a metal craftsman they had heard about.

The Anndra Neen Collection is carried in New York at No. 6 and Barneys, Browns in London and Fallow.



French-born designer Estelle Dévé is quickly becoming one of Australia’s best and brightest jewellery talents. Since her debut collection, the designer has included an impressive profile of editorial support to a growing list of national and international stockists.

Now calling Australia home, Estelle’s work is regularly featured in some of the country’s more forward-thinking fashion magazines, Russh, Fallen and Oyster have been quick to notice her artisanal approach, while Florence Welsh and Susie Bubble, some of fashions’most progressive public figures, are also staunch supporters of her designs.

From delicate, pewter-cast chains of gold to statement pieces of leather and resin, Estelle’s vision is both innovative and in interesting. Her work a reflection of personality and circumstance.

Tobias Wistisen

For Tobias Wistisen designing jewelry is a balancing act pushed to its most extreme limit.

Born in Denmark and trained at ESMOD in Paris, he gained his first industry experience working in the design studio of John Galliano.

His work represents a combination of these two influences, taking the high drama of Parisian Haute couture and the anarchistic approach he developed at Galliano, and then applying it to the rigorous functionalism and craftsmanship of Scandinavian design.

Handmade in store at Fallow