Founded in 1987, m0851 is a Canadian design house specializing in the conception, manufacture, marketing and retailing of an impressive collection of leather outerwear, bags and accessories.

Simplicity in design, utilitarian purity, refined details and impeccable quality are the characteristics that set m0851 apart from its competition. m0851's goal is to accessorize your identity rather than define it. We shun fleeting trends in favour of practicality . . . creating timeless pieces to last a lifetime.

Medium Postman - Available in Dark Grey and Khaki.  This style is also available in a large, in Dark Brown.

m0851 creates and produces its entire collection in Montréal. Nowadays, while so many other companies have moved their production facilities to foreign lands, m0851 not only bucks this trend but considers doing so an essential part of its approach to business: By maintaining direct, hands-on control over every stage of production, m0851 is able to guarantee merchandise of the highest quality to its customers...

Safari Computer Bag - Available in Dark Brown

The entire manufacturing process takes place in-house at m0851's highly reputed leather workshop, allowing for superior quality control. Their products evolve as new materials and procedures are implemented; and every product is thoroughly tested by m0851 staff before being released to market. Special consideration is taken in selecting all accents, from zippers to sliders, in order to guarantee the exceptional quality of each product. In a word, their exacting standards are visible down to the smallest details.

Safari Essential Bag - Available in Dark Brown and Dark Grey

With creativity and art in every crafted product, m0851's design philosophy has always been based on aestheticism balanced with functionality. All m0851 bags aim to enhance your personal style. Our goal is to accessorize your identity - not create it, because they believe you've already done that.

Safari Luggage Bag - Available in Dark Brown and Dark Grey

Small Backpack - Available in Dark Brown

Small Postman Bag - Available in Khaki and Dark Brown

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