Tobias Wistisen

All of the materials Tobias Wistisen uses are meticulously treated by hand, ensuring that each piece is totally unique and made to the highest quality. And yet, in spite of all of this detailed precision, his work pursues a rough, aggressive, and worn aesthetic.

Metals are often subjected to aging processes, and materials are chosen for the way the change and develop personality over time. Inspiration ranges from futuristic vehicles to ancient armours, all sourced to produce a decidedly strong vision of masculinity.

Cross Stone Ring
Skull Leaf Macrame Bracelet
Random Stones Ring


Granite Multiple Skull Ring

Branch Necklace

Tree Ring

Black Tree Necklace
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Tobias Wistisen

Drawing inspiration from Yakuza body art,symbolism within secret societies and the naivety of old anatomy drawings and sketches the tattoos in the AW12 Tobias Wistisen campaign were hand drawn by makeup artist Clare Read.

Photography Kasia Bobula.

The beautifully hand finished and highly sought after pieces from the collection will be available in store first...
and from July 1 online


Paper Hands

'Paper Hands' Spring Summer 12/13 Collection from Song for the Mute marks the duo's debut at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week and their first serious foray into construction using uniquely structured fabrics. 

Song For The Mute is a label that is grounded in conceptual space rather than being confined to a certain aesthetic.Fabric is the foundation of the labels design,as it acts as the initial inspiration for their collections.

Song For The Mute is available exclusively in Queensland at Fallow. 

Images courtesy of Manuscript

Vim Beget

Vim Beget is a result of past experiences and future ambitions. It is with great pleasure that we share them with you...

Altus Cuff

Vinum Ring

Capere Keychain

Double Capere Bracelet

Cervidae Wallet