All new Henson jewellery has arrived from Sydney.

Widow's Eye Necklace

Widow's Eye Choker

Wrapped Feather Necklace

Silver Basket Necklace

Silver Basket Detail



With stark imagery and a soulful mood, this preview of the latest issue of GREY magazine has us swooning.  We love seeing Brisbane girl Codie Young on the cover also...




Collaborating with filmmaker, Elle Muliarchyk and featuring Abbey Lee Kershaw for a second season, a three part series of short films and campaign images were created using artful techniques of the avant-garde. This included a set built of a life size kaleidoscope which created hypnotic repeat mirror imagery which looks as technical and modern as the digitally mastered alternative, but has tell tale realism of warped angles and beautiful accidents; elements also achieved within MANIAMANIA’s ‘Third Mind’ collection.  Take a look for yourself...

Mania Mania is available in store and online now...



Yara Flinn is the 28-year-old designer of New York-based fashion line Nomia, which launched with its first collection in Spring 2007.

A schooled video artist and sculptor who attended Oberlin College, Yara began experimenting with clothing design while studying there- combining her love of art and fashion through multimedia fashion shows/installations, and video projects.

After graduating Yara worked at the Fondazione Prada, a contemporary art non-profit run by the Italian fashion house. At this time she also began an internship with the forward thinking, art influenced label United Bamboo.The sculptural approach Yara takes to designing her collections is informed by her studies of draping and patternmaking at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

The focus of the Nomia collection is to create artistic, directional pieces with an edge that leave the wearer feeling strong, chic, sophisticated and empowered.

All of the garments are produced in New York City and are available exclusively in Australia at Fallow.


Silent by Damir Doma

Our most anticipated and elusive delivery of the season has just arrived at FALLOW.  Featuring a moody purple, beautiful jerseys, and effortless drape, Silent by Damir Doma menswear will not be around long...

In store now...


A note from Andrew..

Andrew McDonald shoemakers was established in 1992. Started By Andrew in a small workshop in Sydney’s Surry Hills designing bespoke handcrafted shoes for men and women.
His skill and artistry were quickly recognised and Andrew was soon to be awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 1996 to understudy master shoemakers, John Lobb of London and Paul Harnden shoemakers.
On his return to Sydney, Andrew opened his current shop/workshop in Paddington. Founded on his craftsmanship and design exploration. The team comprises a dedicated group of shoemakers at the forefront of footwear and accessories design.

We asked Andrew for a little more detailed information to pass onto you, here's what he shared with us......

Reverse Black Foldover

Dear Fallow,

As you probably know I trained at JOHN LOBB bespoke in St James in London. Training with the best has taught to me to use the best possible construction methods and materials that are environmentally sustainable.

So here is a breakdown of the material composition of my shoes...

Upper and Lining
All our upper and lining leathers are vegetable tanned horse or calf hides. Vegetable tanning improves the tensile strength making it softer and more breathable. This process is non toxic.

Nearly all of the English manufacture footwear employing chromic tanning (highly toxic) processes with their leathers. Chromic tanning is faster and cheaper and eventually breaks down the leather.

We are one the few select makers that use Oak bark tanned soling stock. It is extremely hard wearing tough as well as flexible. It is highly water repellent and especially breathable, biodegradable and emits a pleasant oak bark perfume when wearing.

Vegetable tanned shoulder leather

Welt stitched sole construction
All our soles use hemp thread as opposed to a waxed cotton thread for stitching our soles. Hemp thread does not rot and is impermeable to water. Waxed cotton eventually absorbs moisture (as used by church etc) and rots when water and dirt is trapped in the fibres.

My heels are made with veg tanned butt hide leather and hand layered piece by piece (not a heel unit nailed to the sole). We use brass nails to reinforce the heel block and Stoltz German rubber top pieces.

Toe and heel stiffeners are shoulder leather as opposed to fibreboard which eventually cracks and deteriorates with perspiration.

My shoes are a truly handmade product, made using the best materials sourced from around the world using traditional hand crafting techniques in my small workshop in Paddington, Sydney.
These differences are subtle, but to the trained eye and discerning customer mean the difference between a good shoe and a great shoe.

Yours, Andrew.


The Reverse Horse Leather this season has been handmade for Fallow in limited quantites.