Natural Selection

The Natural Selection Denim collection is inspired by the uniforms of men working on the railroad, from officers to labourers. Hailing from London's Shoreditch, Natural Selection Denim is the result of the hands of a craftsman, the eye of a designer, and the heart of an artist, Paul Young.

With features such as high quality Japanese denim interwoven with Zimbabwean cotton, the attention to detail is truly outstanding. One of the brands sources of inspiration is to embrace the heritage that denim and work wear has. These references are present in details such as the hidden rivets, top centre button stitch and the selvedge fabrics woven traditionally by hand. 

Three main symbols in the leather patch sybolize the craftsmanship behind their work....

The Penny Farthing - a great contribution to the industrial revolution that influenced the work wear design element of the brand.
The Pheasant - a British bird, with distinctive colouring & intricate patterned feather detail that represents the detail, innovation & fabric selections so important to the brand.

The Ornate Floral design - This can be found engraved on the side of a shotgun barrel handmade in England.

Natural Evolution.
The idea the guys wanted to portray in the name of the brand was to suggest the evolution process - referencing the evolution of denim as a fabric, from a raw/ dry indigo, right through to an aged/ damaged finish- whether naturally by the user or artificially by hand - it is an evolutionary process.

Natural Selection.
The brand is based in the UK but uses Japanese Denim from the Okayama region and an Italian Denim Mill in the production process.The guys have a studio and showroom in Shoreditch London. This is where the entire process happens from research and planning, development and production then to sales. They are a small family and have a hands on approach at every stage of the process- a little like us here at Fallow...

 Available now at Fallow...

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