Meet Tobias

We recently had the pleasure of  Tobias Wistisen answering a few questions our clients often ask us regarding his design inspiration...

We hold you in very high regard, consider your work as the most fallow-esque of our jewellery offering and draw on your aesthetic whenever we need inspiration...
Where does your design inspiration come from for each collection?

I really appreciate that, thank you:-)
The inspiration comes from everywhere - I know it REALLY sounds like a cliché but it's actually true though. It can be from an exposition that I saw or from a movie or from a song that inspires triggers an emotion in me. Most of all I find it important not to discard a direction that might seem too much or too odd in the beginning as I'll re-work it during the whole design and carving process, so it'll probably turn out totally different than the original idea that I started out with. When I was in fashion school here in Paris we were taught not to change mid-ways, but I think it's very important to be open to new ideas and impressions to keep progressing to get a product that I happy with in the end.

When you are designing new collections do you submerge yourself and withdraw from society or are you able to bring them into fruition and still behave quite normally ?

I prefer to concentrate myself totally on the design process and not have other things running at the same time. I normally first do a lot of expositions, book stores and go see places that I find inspiring. Then I stay home for a couple of days being totally submerged drawing the the collection, and try not to have too much other stuff going on - during that time I do think that I function quite normally! 

What does a world renowned jewellery designer do in his downtime to relax?

I go to concerts, hang out with friends, very ordinary stuff really. And then I've started making small sculptures as a sort of hobby. It's just like making jewellery - just bigger. It's a lot of fun and I know how to do it.

Music and film tend to inspire us a great deal here at Fallow ... is there any piece that has really transformed your line of thought or influenced you in a profound way?

Not really a single song. I very much like dark alternative country. I think music is all about emotions, and it's important for me to listen to music that triggers something in me when I work.

We have never met you in person and you are most polite in our email conversations, what quality would we see in you first and foremost if we did have the chance to meet each other one day...

That's very kind of you - you can't see me, but I'm blushing right now:-) Quality: down-to-earth, I'd say.

Our store interior houses many weird and wonderful objects - do you personally collect anything ?

Not anything in specific - just things I find funny or cool. I don't get fixed on one special thing as I see a lot of different things when I do my research every season so there is a lot of thing that I would like to get.

Many of our clients aspire to own a piece of your work and it’s very pleasing for us to see how transformed they are when finally owning a much coveted Tobias treasure becomes a reality – what aspect of your work gives you the most satisfaction?

The carving of the wax prototype by far. That's when the drawing finally becomes 3D and comes to life and you can see what the piece is going to look like. I've done it a hundred times now, but it's magic every time...

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