'Corpus Ephemera' Tettmann.Doust

In 'Corpus Ephemera' SS12, Tettmann.Doust soften their scientific gaze to deliver a sensual range that harnesses the fragility and beauty of birds and insects, their rituals, and the delicate traces that mark such a passage. This collection is imbued with the exquisite suggestion of both faltering and burgeoning life. With emphasis on luxurious natural fabrics, intricate prints, hand beading and exceptional tailoring their garments are as much a sensation to wear as to behold.

Naevia crop Top - Naevia Print Lorius Pant - Black/Naevia Print

Aphelia Bra - Black Emberiza Cape - Black

Vespula Top - Black

Opilio Dress, available in Naevia Print & Black

Vespula Top - Black

Tettmann.Doust's SS12 Collection is available in store at Fallow now.

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