Carly Hunter 'Ocean Noir'

 Carly Hunter's latest collection 'Ocean Noir' is richly dark.

Soft fabrics are slung, gathered and tucked over the body creating silhouettes that are both fluid and controlled. The graphic prints suggest an organic surface, but can also be interpreted as widely as the Rorschach tests they also resemble. Are they depictions of the jewel-encrusted barnacles on the skin of a particularly elegant whale? There's no wrong answer.

This collection like her previous ones, is made for those who cherish lush fabrications and revel in the small details of craftsmanship.

Long Sleeved Mini Dress in Light Print Sheer

Gathered Tshirt in Black Linen and Nautical Shorts in Black Linen

Short Sleeved Blouse in both Dark Print Sheer and Light Print Opaque and High Waist Slim Jeans in Dark Print

Nautical Pant in Black Linen

Long Sleeved Maxi Dress in Dark Print Sheer

Waves Dress in Black Twill

 Available in store and online now at Fallow