Friedrich Gray - Womens


Master of the darkest arts of the thread, Ben Pollitt bestows his characteristic somberness to a wintry collection that is an exercise in pared-back sophistication. A theme of dislocation winds through this transeasonal Friedrich Gray collection – finding its expression in cleverly displaced seams, dropped hemlines, unfinished edges, and considered mis-fits.

Leather Trap Jacket - SOLD OUT

Seemingly incompatible elements are fused together and a minimalist aesthetic masks a complicated approach. A paneling technique explores the idea of dislocation, with incongruous sections, often in contrasting fabrics, sewn together to create garments.

Section Tee White

Sculptural structured shapes are at odds with softer, slouchier fits. Layers fit together incongruously, sometimes finished, sometimes raw and elements of refined tailoring are contrasted with shredded t-shirts and tanks.

Section Tee Long Sleeve available in White

A deconstructed black jacket in wax-coated denim that has been ruched and ripped has an air of displaced elegance.

Wax Coated Denim Jacket Black

Dislocation boasts the same meticulous, uncompromising devotion to technique, and unconventional approach to fit as Pollitt’s previous collections.

Washed Silk Tank - Available in Dust, Slate and Black
Prepare for an urban hibernation this winter, enshrouded in brooding designs that quiver with untold stories.


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